About Star Island

Star Island in Miami Beach is probably the most famous of the chains of islands, if not the most famous island in South Florida. Every day you can see tour boats pointing out famous residences on this ultra exclusive island and the real estate on this island represents the most luxurious architecture and design in all of South Florida. Among the celebrities living on Star Island are Rosie O'Donell, Kanye West, Shaquille O'Neal, and P. Diddy to name just a few.

The reason celebrities flock to this island is obvious considering its close proximity to Miami Beach and its arresting views from any residence. Most homes are waterfront and within these colossal mansions are every imaginable luxury. It is not an unusual site to see 100 foot plus yachts parked outside of these majestic home. Residents whether seasonal or permanent experience exclusivity and privacy second only to Fisher Island and Indian Creek.

Property Location