About Fox Ridge

Within the Parkland Community, east of Pine Island and north of Holmberg Road is the Fox Ridge neighborhood. Fox Ridge is separated into three sections; the north and south are similar in style, containing new 4-6 bedroom residences on 1/4 to 1 acre lots, and the third section, called Fox Ridge Estates contains larger homes on 1/2 acre and up lots.

Along with its own private island, waterways and recreation areas pepper this community, making it ideal for sailihng and boating. Amenities in this neighborhood include tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, and it is in one of the best school districts in the state. Parkside Elementary School and Westglade Middle School are walking distance from this neighborhood, making it an ideal community for families.

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
6763 105th Ln NW
$1,050,000 5 / 4 / 1
3,012sf / 280m² $349 / $3,752m² N / N

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